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Thermoforming or injection moulding?

At Plastics By Design, we provide services including the leading pressure forming South West England can trust. Our team has expert knowledge on the process and can work with you to provide premier quality results. We are able to work with numerous materials and specifications to create a wide number of products. Continue reading

Important details to remember with pressure forming

It takes a team that has the right amount of expertise and knowledge in order to satisfy the needs of every client. Luckily, our team has this, making us the best specialists for pressure forming South West has. We are able to use a wide variety of materials and have the skills to shape them with precision. In addition, we can create rapid prototypes for you by using concept designs. Continue reading

Get your draft angles and undercuts correct

Our establishment is one that has an extensive history in thermoforming. In fact, we’re the foremost one specialising in vacuum forming South West England has. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding, we can form simple and complex components for your needs. The materials we use include, but aren’t limited to, ABS, HDPE, PET, and PVC. Continue reading

Pressure forming is a great choice

Plastics By Design provides the best pressure forming South West individuals and businesses could ask for. With the right knowledge and tool design, we can give high quality finishes. We can also overcome many common problems people face in these processes. With there being so many methods, you may be wondering what the differences are. Continue reading