Some insight into tooling and pressure forming

When it comes to pressure forming South West England can always call on us. We are here to help ensure that the final product meets your expectations and requirements. Our expertise comes in handy due to the different considerations that affect the quality of the results. While you do need a good design, you cannot achieve this without the correct tooling methods and materials. Continue reading

Expertise in thermoforming you can trust

When it comes to versatile materials with amazing qualities, thermoplastics fit the description. By applying heat and force you can create the part you need with precision and varying levels of detail. All members of our team have specialist knowledge in this area. As a result they provide the foremost vacuum and pressure forming South West England has to offer. Continue reading

Pressure forming is a great choice

Plastics By Design provides the best pressure forming South West individuals and businesses could ask for. With the right knowledge and tool design, we can give high quality finishes. We can also overcome many common problems people face in these processes. With there being so many methods, you may be wondering what the differences are. Continue reading