Pressure forming is a great choice

Plastics By Design provides the best pressure forming South West individuals and businesses could ask for. With the right knowledge and tool design, we can give high quality finishes. We can also overcome many common problems people face in these processes. With there being so many methods, you may be wondering what the differences are. Continue reading

Characteristics and applications of vacuum forming

Vacuum forming involves plastic being processed using specialist mould technology. The process includes having to heat the flattened plastic sheet until soft. Next, the vacuum will mould the sheet to the surface set by the user. Once cooled, it should leave behind a formed product. This is ready to be used in lighting, packaging, decoration and advertising purposes. As one of the best teams for vacuum forming South West businesses can call on, we can create any product you need. Continue reading

Pressure forming is preferred for zendura merchandise

We are an establishment that has had an extensive history in the world of thermoforming. Having become one of the top businesses specialising in pressure forming South West has, we have the means to generate both large and smaller batches of unique components. Experienced with a wide array of materials and committed to satisfying customer requirements, ours is the team you should depend on. Continue reading

Why should you consider vacuum forming?

Products that are vacuum formed can be found everywhere, and can have an important place in our lives. The process includes heating plastic sheets and moulding them to produce 3D shapes. It has and still is used by numerous industries including cosmetics, food and electronics. At Plastics By Design we are well versed with the technique and have become the most creative provider of vacuum forming South West clients can call on. Continue reading

The factors that make thermoforming a superior process

Our company is one that has an extensive history in the world of thermoforming. What this means for customers is that we are capable of providing them with the first class products that they deserve. Some of the most common materials we use include the likes of HDPE, PET, PVC, and HIPS, meaning that we can fulfil quite the range of specifications. As one of the most revered businesses working in pressure forming South West has, you should contact us if you require such services. Continue reading