Choosing thermoforming over injection moulding

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Is It Better?

When you compare the process of thermoforming with injection moulding, there is much more flexibility with the latter. This is with both the tooling and the engineering. In addition, it is easy to set up and the actual manufacturing is very efficient. Therefore, it is very beneficial.

Some people stick with injection moulding as they believe this process will provide them with higher quality results. The fact is that the end finish of thermoforming matches it very closely. With the lower tooling costs, it is a method many now choose instead.

Precision Where It Counts

The process of thermoforming involves a sheet of plastic getting heated and used with a mould. It takes the shape of it either through the use of pressure or a vacuum. This enables us to give you results with high levels of detail. We can match your specifications with precision through the tight tolerances of our work, such as walls ranging from 200┬Ám to 12mm thickness.

Through the use of 3D CAD work, we can create detailed designs for you to use. Thermoforming has the ability to create large parts in a quantity of your choosing. Whether the batch number is small or large, there will never be a reduction in the quality of the results. We can do this even with short lead times.

You have a wide range of choice in terms of materials and finishes too. This is great to match the intended use of your product such as for food containers. Some common examples of materials that we use include PVC, PET, HIPS, ABS, PP, HDPE, and Polycarbonate.

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