Consider mould and secondary shrinkage

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To obtain the highest quality parts, you need the correct design. The designs will frequently determine what thermoforming technique you must use. It can also tell you if you actually need this process at all. You need to consider several factors here.

One of the most important however would be shrinkage. This is an essential element in precision formings. Thus, you should make allowances for it in the part design for the items you form. This process occurs in multiple basic forms.

Mould shrinkage

When you heat a thermoplastic substance and form it to a mould, it will shrink during the cooling phase. As a result the dimensions of your part will be slightly below those it had when it was initially formed. We refer to this difference as mould shrinkage. Normally, we express it in terms of inches per inch per F. It fluctuates with the design and processing factors and with separate materials.

Secondary shrinkage

Pressure FormingAfter unloading, your part is going to shrink because of heat loss. The item shall go from the temperature it had at unloading to room temperature. The hot part carries on shrinking as the core of the plastic or hot centre cools. This halts when the material reaches temperature equilibrium.

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