Design issue advice to help with vacuum forming jobs

Design issue advice to help with vacuum forming jobs

Vacuum forming can be very cost effective. As a result, it is a very popular method of producing plastic components. However, in order to achieve a high quality end product, each stage of the work needs to be done with care and precision. This is the case with any complex job. With this in mind, in this article we have some guidelines you should consider for the design of your plastic part. Then, if you want the best services for vacuum forming in South West England, come to us.

Merging parts and joining lines

Sometimes it is necessary to join components with others. You will need a witness line of approximately 2mm in order to cope with the tolerance variation of the joint. A popular technique is the use of a lap joint. This will result in an undercut which will make project costs higher but will enable you to join the pieces.

Create quality undercuts

An undercut is the feature that projects into or from the surface of the tool. This can sometimes prevent you from being able to separate the tool from your part. It is because of this that you should aim for an undercut with a depth less than 15mm. Whenever you create a design for one, you should keep in mind the draw ratio.

Machining holes, cut-outs, vents, and trim

When referencing trimming dimensions, you should do so from the moulded side of the part. You will be able to machine off any excess to improve the quality of the part if you are producing holes, cut-outs, vents, and trims.

Getting texture with your component

You can get texture by adding it onto the face of the tool. Another option is to use a raw material that has a textured surface already. When going down this route you will have to have a bigger draft angle. This will result in higher costs but will help you achieve what you are looking to.

Vacuum forming in the South West

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