Expertise in thermoforming you can trust

When it comes to versatile materials with amazing qualities, thermoplastics fit the description. By applying heat and force you can create the part you need with precision and varying levels of detail. All members of our team have specialist knowledge in this area. As a result they provide the foremost vacuum and pressure forming South West England has to offer.

Our Valuable Knowledge

Through careful consideration of our work, we can allow you to obtain consistent high quality results. One example of this is through tool mounting. This way we can help to ensure adequate airflow underneath the base, also making the release easier. At the end you will end up with sharp detail for your items.

Your components will end up with levels of quality equal to injection moulding. However, you get the added benefit of lower tooling costs. This will create something with the right characteristics that you require. We can create most products in a couple of days, overseeing and taking care at all steps.

There have been a number of advancements over the last few years. We enjoy keeping up to date with them. This allows us to continue providing top grade levels of quality to our customers.


Due to the usefulness of thermoforming, there are a wide range of uses. This includes numerous forms of packaging, even those suitable for use in the food industry. If you contact us we can discuss your design and specifications in detail so that we can work hard to provide you with what you are looking for.

Plastics By Design is home to the leading services you can depend on. We have built a reputation as the experts in vacuum as well as pressure forming South West England can always call on. Our 25+ years of experience allows us to provide you with amazing services for low prices. Reach out to us at 01380 827022 to learn more about our innovative solutions.