The factors that influence thermoforming cost

The factors that influence thermoforming cost

Pressure forming South WestThere are various factors that influence the price of thermoforming work. This includes materials, tooling, design, and labour. These are all necessary in order to provide you with the final product you are looking for. You can cut expenses in some ways, like making sure you work with a company like us that knows what they are doing. When it comes to pressure forming, South West England businesses have no one better to work with than Plastics By Design.

Below, we will look at the various things to consider when calculating the cost of thermoforming.


The cost varies depending on which plastic you end up opting for. This will depend on what you want but also what it is that you are creating. Certain plastics will be more suitable than others for different uses.

Part geometry

This is another important consideration when looking at cost as it dictates how much material each sheet will use. It might be possible to make numerous copies from one sheet or pull if the part is small enough.


Most moulds for thermoforming are polyurethane or aluminium. They are fairly quick to create so the turnaround is fast. They also have a low cost when you compare to other methods of producing custom plastic components. It is particularly cost effective in terms of tooling when you are looking to create larger parts.

Labour & moulding

Another factor that is important when determining cost is cycle time. The full time includes how long it takes to load a part, heat, draw, cool, and then unload it. The size of the part and how thick it is will influence the cooling time before you can remove it.

Low on cost, not quality

Of course, everyone wants the best price out there for services and products. What you need to be careful about though is making sure that you are not sacrificing the standards of work just so that you can save a little money. Make sure you choose a company based on the quality of their work and because you believe that they will be a good fit for you.

Affordable pressure forming in South West England

When you work with us, you can be confident what you receive will be cost effective, high quality, and will meet your precise specifications. Having 25+ years of experience and an outstanding team enables us to provide the best pressure forming South West England can offer.

If you ever have any questions, including how we calculate our prices, give Plastics By Design a call on 01380 827022. You can also drop us an email using or fill out our contact form.