Get your draft angles and undercuts correct

Our establishment is one that has an extensive history in thermoforming. In fact, we’re the foremost one specialising in vacuum forming South West England has. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding, we can form simple and complex components for your needs. The materials we use include, but aren’t limited to, ABS, HDPE, PET, and PVC.

Vacuum forming’s cost efficient nature is why it is typically the go to production method for experts. To succeed whilst using it however, there are steps you need to follow. What we’re going to do here is touch upon design issues that you must think about so that you can avoid issues.

The right draft angle

Choosing the draft angle is crucial. You should attempt to offer the greatest degree for the vertical feature. Its function is to assist in the removal of the part from the tool. With female features, they should have a 1.5 to 2 degree draft angle at minimum. Just remember that you’ll have to increase this for a deep texture. For male features, go for a 4 to 6 degree scope. However, if there is a deep feature or rougher surface texture, you will once again need a bigger draft angle.

Quality undercuts

vacuum formingSomething else you must consider is how to create quality undercuts. These are features that extend into or from the tool’s exterior. In certain instances, this might prevent you from detaching the part from your tool. For this reason, it’s ideal to go for undercuts that don’t exceed 15mm in depth. Whenever you create designs for your undercuts, you must always keep the draw ratio in mind.

At Plastics By Design, we can provide clients with a collection of services. With them, we’re able to cater for small as well as large volume production. We can even accept the responsibilities of project management if you need us to. Whatever your needs, rely on us to provide the best vacuum forming South West England has to offer.

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