How to get the right results from vacuum forming

When it comes to processing plastic materials, thermoforming is one of the oldest and most common methods that people use. This is because it has low costs and provides people with premier items. We offer the pressure and vacuum forming South West England should always call on for the best results.

We use both moulding techniques to ensure we can meet all needs. Many people favour vacuum forming because it is precise. The technique involves heating up a sheet of plastic and draping it over a mould. Moulds can be various shapes and may also include an array of details.

Overcoming Obstacles

A process like this can create high quality products. The thing to remember is that there are right and wrong steps that will affect the results. Every process has errors that can occur when you are not careful. Some common problems with vacuum forming include:

– Having too much material
– The mould/tool is too high in relation to the base
– Using sharp vertical corners with minimal draught angles
– You are using deep male moulds that are close to each other

Without the right knowledge you can cause your product to come out with imperfections like webbing and more. You can prevent problems like these by being careful as well as taking necessary steps. This may include using a small sheet so that material stretches more. We know how to work past these issues to be swift in our work and leave you with high grade products.

Our team has over 25 years of experience. Because of this we have been able to perfect our skills and work to high standards. The outcome is premier products that will be great for their intended use.

Advice From Experts

Our expertise in this area enables us to provide specialist advice for your products. You then get first class results, every time. For the vacuum forming South West clients can count on, contact Plastics By Design. You can reach our team at or by phone and we would be happy to provide you with more details.