HIPS – The smartest packaging material available

HIPS – The smartest packaging material available

Our business has a long history in the world of thermoforming. This puts us in a prime position to offer the best pressure forming South West clients can ask for. From the start of every project we are enthusiastic and show our dedication to your job. The goal is to satisfy our clients so they have a great experience.

A hot topic

Pressure forming South WestPlastic is one of the hottest topics right now. With environmental problems though, it is essential to keep in mind that the waste is to blame. It is not the plastics themselves per se. These materials are lightweight in and of themselves. Due to this, you can transport them more sustainably than heavier items. What’s more, many types are more recyclable than they have been in the past. Poor disposal and management of the waste tends to cause the most issues.

There is one substance that is leading the way with regards to what it provides and at a low cost. This is to the environment and businesses. We are talking about HIPS, a material we work with regularly.

A hero plastic

High Impact Polystyrene is a versatile, economical, and tough ‘hero’ plastic. We mean this in terms of the performance in several applications. It is an altered type of polystyrene. As a result, it is an incredibly durable, stiff, warp and shrink resistant substance. It is one that is ideal for packaging applications in several sectors. Examples include horticultural, consumer, cosmetics, and medical goods. We can provide these goods by offering the highest quality pressure forming South West has.

HIPS in the food industry

In the food industry in particular, heat resistance, hygiene, and strength all come at a premium. Here, you can find HIPS in food use grades. The inherent moisture barrier attributes turn the plastic into a uniquely appropriate choice. This is for products with smaller shelf lives. Coffee cup lids and bakery trays come to mind here. At the same time, the high environmental stress crack resistance makes it the perfect solution for packing fatty foods.

Due to its ease of customisation and printability, there are all sorts of possibilities with HIPS. Some are custom laminating, embossing, and colour matching. It is compatible with offset lithography, flexography, and screen printing among others.

100% recyclable

Arguably the most advantageous thing about HIPS is that it is completely recyclable. As a matter of fact, recycling the material has become an industry unto itself. Moreover, it is a more sustainable material choice. This is in relation to transport and the emissions. We can attribute this to its lightweight nature.

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At Plastics by Design, we have more than 25 years of experience. Using it, we deliver a friendly and high quality service. Our team also makes it a point to work closely with the client. The resulting partnership saves them money in addition to time.

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