The importance of proper tooling with thermoforming

The importance of proper tooling with thermoforming

A lot of people looking for plastic thermoformed components want to keep prices as low as they can. In order to achieve this, they often look at the tooling. They think about what changes will allow for cost reductions. However, this can have dreadful results. We know all about this as the premier company offering pressure and vacuum forming South West England can trust.

Avoiding the issues that come from inadequate tooling

Vacuum forming South WestPoor quality mould manufacturing, tooling material and design can all have a negative impact on the final product. There are a number of issues that you can face as a result of these.

One such problem is warpage. This comes about from poor temperature control with the design and manufacture of tools. It results in the unequal heating and cooling of the surface area of the plastic. Secondly, you might find that there are inconsistencies in the dimensions. This can also occur because of improper temperature control with the tool design and manufacture. Inconsistent shrinkage can occur when the temperature is not the same over batches of products.

Without proper vacuum venting, inconsistencies in part thickness can occur. Another issue that can come about from improper venting is poor aesthetic detail. When the part forms over the mould, you won’t be able to obtain the right result.

Surface finish quality is yet another issue that can come about from improper tooling. This happens with a poor surface finish of tools and inadequate selection of tool materials.

Finally, you might have chill marks. This occurs in the case of poor temperature control and vacuum venting with tool design and manufacturing. The effect of this is wavy undulations on the surface of the plastic. This is a result of unequal material cooling along with trapped air.

High quality vacuum forming in the South West

We have been working with people for years. We supply superb results in the form of excellent customer service and first rate products. By opting for a manufacturer with lots of experience, you can have full confidence in our work. We know how to overcome these issues and never cut any corners with our work.

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