Important details to remember with pressure forming

It takes a team that has the right amount of expertise and knowledge in order to satisfy the needs of every client. Luckily, our team has this, making us the best specialists for pressure forming South West has. We are able to use a wide variety of materials and have the skills to shape them with precision. In addition, we can create rapid prototypes for you by using concept designs.

Pressure forming is one of the most efficient processes you can use to make a wide array of different items. This includes moulded vents and pockets, product trays, and more. You will probably use it if you need a plethora of surface textures as well as stronger definition. It is a more expensive option when you compare to vacuum forming. However, the trade off here is that the tooling costs are cheap. With other methods, these costs are much bigger and can offset the savings.

Negative or female moulds should preferably be water cooled aluminium. With prototypes or short runs, you can make them using wood or epoxy. This depends on the depth of draw and the shape’s complexity. There are other details you must keep in mind with pressure forming as well.

Draft angles

With draft angles, those for female aluminium moulds should ideally be between 2 to 4°. This is to stop the lockup of the part within your mould. Complex configurations or deep parts might need more of a draft angle so they don’t get stuck.

Fillers and radii

Pressure FormingAs for fillets and radii, they could be less than with vacuum forming. You may be able to obtain sharp corners on shallow draw areas. Just remember that larger radii and fillets result in more robust, stiffer components. In addition they create thicker corners.

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