Some insight into tooling and pressure forming

When it comes to pressure forming South West England can always call on us. We are here to help ensure that the final product meets your expectations and requirements. Our expertise comes in handy due to the different considerations that affect the quality of the results. While you do need a good design, you cannot achieve this without the correct tooling methods and materials.

The Process

The use of a mould is one of the many essential aspects involved with thermoforming. After heating a sheet of plastic, a mould is used to let the take its intended shape. It cools and hardens, remaining in this shape. Then after this, we can trim the item to meet the specifications of the end product.

The moulds need cooling between creating the individual parts to be able to repeat the process well. Included in this is avoiding warping issues and ensuring flatness where necessary.


The costs of tooling when completing pressure forming jobs are low despite the fact they are very effective in their role. They can range in size and shape as well as there being a huge selection of materials that we can use.

The importance of tooling and the materials we use is something we always consider. This is so that the results are consistently high grade. We enjoy the fact that people have high standards for our work and we always aim to try and go beyond these.

Rely On Us

When you contact Plastics By Design we would be more than happy to discuss your specifications. We have a wealth of industry knowledge, meaning we can advise you on the best options for your product. In addition our skill and experience helps us to create the perfect items.

If you have a query or want to talk about the benefits of the pressure forming South West England loves, reach out to us.