Some insight into vacuum forming and the process

Some insight into vacuum forming and the process

Thermoforming is an incredibly popular method of producing different kinds of plastic products. People such as packaging specialists all over the UK use it to get the products they require. However, it is worth noting that you need the right expertise and skills to get everything right. Plastics By Design specialises in this area, standing out as the top name for vacuum forming in South West England. We would love to help you get amazing results for your products.

What you need to know about the process

Vacuum forming South WestIn terms of professional vacuum forming, there are a few steps. These allow for the creation of a huge number of products. It is possible to create those for any shape, size, and design needs.

First of all, you need a mould to work with. This needs to be the shape that you want the plastic to form around, and you can construct it with various materials such as polystyrene or wood. The mould should use angled edges when possible because this will help it come out of the plastic easily when vacuum forming is complete.

Then, you can place the mould in the vacuum former with a plastic sheet clamped above. The heater should be above the plastic. When turned on it will heat the plastic in order to make it mouldable. When it is at the right temperature for this to happen, the shelves move and the vacuum allows for the moulding to take place.

Now the vacuum former needs turning on. This will take all of the air from the machine and will make the plastic form to the mould and its shape. Finally comes the time to remove the sheet when it is cool. You can take the mould from the machine, then you can trim away any excess plastic you do not want from the formed sheet.

Leading vacuum forming services in South West England

There are many benefits of vacuum forming, including a high-volume capability. In fact, people can enjoy high volumes and great quality for affordable costs. This is why the process is hugely beneficial for multiple uses and clients in an array of industries. The process is able to create products such as blister pack trays, covers, plastic signs, and packaging for various items.

We are able to produce a large variety of products by offering the best vacuum forming in the South West. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a question for the Plastics By Design team. We can discuss our process in more detail and help you get the items you require.