A little insight into vacuum flow

A little insight into vacuum flow

Vacuum forming South WestWe are a business that provides first rate vacuum forming South West clients can count on. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, we know all about the ins and outs of it. Our team can choose the right materials and modify designs to fit your current project. Therefore you get the perfect results.

Vacuum flow is essential to the forming operation. When you finish heating the sheet to the forming temperature the vacuum needs to follow right away. This is as you raise the tool. The vacuum hoses and pump, the clamp frame, and the table’s seals each play an essential role. This creates the conditions to form parts that have the right definition.

Even flow

When using several tools here, you will want to fashion an even vacuum flow. It must come from the table’s primary central vacuum hole, to the underside of all your utensils. To raise every tool off the baseboard, employ spacers for vacuum flow. With some customers, they don’t focus on long production runs. Therefore, they can use double sided foam tape or thin plywood strips. Other options include washers and wire mesh.

More powerful flows and air pressure

Just remember here that raising a mould/tool off the baseboard by 1 mm shall generate a more powerful vacuum flow. The same goes for the air pressure. You may possess an even spread of vacuum holes as well as uniform heating. If so, the vacuum’s pull shall be far more visible. Here, the sheet has the least resilience. It is simpler for the vacuum to drag your sheet above a void as opposed to the tool’s exterior. Here, it will have a cooling effect on your sheet.

Arranging the best vacuum forming in South West England

At Plastics By Design, we are well aware of what goes on with our thermoforming processes. This includes the potential issues. What we do is use our tool design in tandem with our knowledge so we can prevent them from becoming a problem.

For the best vacuum forming South West can give, contact us today. We can make a wide array of products, so speak to us even if you have a very unique item in mind.