There are lots of options with thermoforming

Plastics By Design has spent many years offering clients a wide range of services. We specialise in a number of areas, including prototyping. Our team is the best for pressure forming South West has. This is because we strive to meet the highest standards for every project. In fact, we have various awards for doing so.

When someone thinks of plastic, they could imagine any number of items. Examples include the lid of a disposable coffee cup or a tray for food. Everything here is basic. However, things can be different. There are lots of options for you to use in the thermoforming industry. They can supply you with the right attributes to use on your plastic goods.

More design freedom

Manufacturing items using thermoformed plastics offers you a great deal of freedom with the designs. This is when you compare to more rigid substances like sheet metal. You have the capacity to have complex 3D part designs, branding, textures, finishes and colours in your tooling. What this means is that you can end up with quicker production cycles. What’s more, it is possible to achieve design customisation even when sticking to tight tolerances.

Making parts more exciting

Pressure forming South WestWhen selecting your own plastics, the following options can enhance the parts. This can make them stand out in the marketplace.

Firstly you have a choice of custom colours rather than sticking to stock options. You can colour many plastic resins from the onset. This eradicates the need to paint as a secondary operation.

Another option would be laminate films. Here you can apply a thin film layer to your plastic sheet. You can do this as a secondary operation or during extrusion. It is possible for it to be carbon fibre, wood grain, or even chrome. This gives you even more options.

You could go for vinyl as well. If you didn’t know, some of the interior walls, dashboards, and door panels of vehicles are not just plastic. Some have a vinyl laminate or wrap over a plastic sheet. This can provide an end user with a luxury feel.

Rapid pressure forming in the South West

At Plastics By Design, we make use of 3D CAD work to produce concept designs. Using these, we are able to generate rapid prototypes. It only takes us a few days to manufacture the majority of designs and samples.

So, if you require the best pressure forming South West can offer, please let us know. You can even come to us with basic ideas and ask us for advice.