The numerous applications of vacuum formed plastic components

You will come across a lot of plastic products in your life. Chances are many of them are the result of vacuum forming. This process can create a number of items. They have various advantages when you compare to other methods. These include low tooling costs, short lead times, design flexibility, and a lot of choice when it comes to materials and finishes. We specialise in this work, making us the provider of vacuum forming South West England can count on.

Below you will learn about a few of the industries that use vacuum forming. This allows them to have plastic products that are durable, cost effective, and also attractive.


Within the agricultural industry you can find various vacuum formed plastic products. These are for a range of purposes, including vehicle components. Larger items may also be necessary for heavy duty machinery. A lot of the plastic parts in this industry need to be suitable for outdoor use. This means that they must be rigid, have high impact resistance, and also offer UV protection.


Plastic is versatile, so it is perfect for packaging. The items are usually durable, lightweight, cost effective and flexible. They can also be very hygienic. Packaging is the biggest use of plastics around the world and is ideal for a huge number of needs. This includes things like health and beauty, food and drink, and medical.

Automotive & transport

Plastics are invaluable in the automotive and transport industry. The light weight of plastic can reduce fuel consumption. This is why people often rely on components made from different plastics. These cost effective and attractive parts see a lot of use when it comes to vehicles, from cars and trucks to planes and boats.

Construction machinery

vacuum formingThe construction sector requires parts that offer good corrosion resistance and don’t need a lot of maintenance. They also need to be durable, versatile, and have a great strength to weight ratio. A vacuum formed plastic part is cost effective and can meet these needs. They are especially useful for exterior plastic panel applications for construction machinery.

Our 25+ years of experience means that we are the expert team you can count on. We can produce numerous products for various needs. Call our specialist team today to hear more about the vacuum forming South West businesses can trust for high standards of production. We can work with your specific wishes in mind so we create first class components.