How does thermoforming compare to injection moulding and rotomoulding?

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Thermoforming is where you heat and mould plastic sheets. You use vacuum and air pressure to do so. To acquire the end product, thermoforming can employ a number of processes and moulds.

One of the types of thermoforming you can choose is pressure forming. When aesthetics are the goal, this is the process to use. It uses a vacuum to pull the thermoplastic into the mould cavity. In addition, it makes use of air pressure to push it against the surface tightly. The extra pressure permits the plastic to pick up accurate details.

Thermoforming benefits

Pressure forming South WestThis practice provides many benefits over other types of manufacturing. This includes rotomoulding and injection moulding.

The benefits of thermoforming in comparison to injection moulding include lower tooling costs and design flexibility. As for the ones over rotomoulding, they include more material options and tighter tolerances.

There is also the tooling to consider. It is easier to redesign or update thermoformed tools. This is in comparison to tools for injection moulding. In addition, replaceable inserts can introduce extra openings, logos, or styling variations. Because of this, it is not hard to alter existing tooling.

Injection mould tooling takes quite some time to create. The average time is between 12 and 16 weeks. With thermoforming however, the timing is roughly 6 to 8 weeks.

Now we come to rotomoulding tooling. It is true that the operation creates parts using only a few secondary presses. However, it is not possible to work with every type of plastic. When choosing mediums for your projects, you need to do some thinking. Think about the plastic sheet’s physical characteristics. You need to also consider the applications. With thermoforming, there are a lot of options that will supply the right attributes for your product.

Pressure forming in the South West

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