Thermoforming or injection moulding?

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Understand the differences

When you are choosing a plastics manufacturing process, you need to look at your options. A lot of people find themselves looking at which is better out of injection moulding and thermoforming.

These are both plastic manufacturing processes but they differ in a few ways. For example, thermoforming is best for larger part sizes and allows designers to combine multiple small parts into a large one. Injection moulding requires a lot of upfront engineering to develop detailed moulds or tooling. This can make it a more costly and time consuming process. Despite this, the quality of thermoforming often matches injection moulding.


Thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet to form a shape using a female or male mould. This plastic fabrication process is single-sided.

There are numerous advantages of thermoforming, including:

Lower tooling costs
Shorter lead times
Parts that look great without paint
Can produce large items
Options for bright colour as well as texture
Easy to make adjustments and also extremely adaptable

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