Unexplored possibilities with vacuum forming

Plastics By Design has an extensive history. Specifically, we focus our efforts on creating high quality bespoke components. To ensure that this happens, we form everything with care. As the number one company for vacuum forming South West England has, we won’t let you down.

It’s true that vacuum forming isn’t overly difficult. However, it’s possible for your products to be unique and highly detailed. This is especially true if you use appropriate fitting mechanisms. You need to design them properly though. You can manufacture vacuum formed products using all kinds of useful features. The following are possibilities people typically overlook.

Different sections

This forming process is ideal for creating transportation and component storage trays. You may want to design the pockets so that they can nest inside each other. This shall increase the practicality of these final items. Such an approach saves space. At the same time, you can give each pocket a close-fitting lid.

Stack your trays

It’s viable to design your trays so they can stack. This shall enable them to sit on top of one another safely. You’ll be able to safeguard the articles within from the weight of the trays on top.


You might want to guarantee that your parts will remain secure within a tray. To this end, you can design them with grips and tight fitting pockets. These shall keep the contents in position. You should also include finger recesses on your pockets. This will make getting the items out without compromising the protection easier.

At Plastics By Design, we’ve developed components and products for a plethora of clients. As a result we have a wealth of experience and design knowledge. If clients come to us with original ideas we are confident we can meet their needs. Not only that, we will also do our best to exceed their expectations.

If you would like to talk about a product please contact us. We are the best for vacuum forming South West clients can call on and always work to deliver the exact standards. Whether it is a small piece or a large one, we will ensure accuracy no matter how big the order may be.