Useful design tips for vacuum forming

Useful design tips for vacuum forming

At Plastics By Design we know just how useful thermoforming can be. It can help people to create all kinds of products, from simple packaging to complex, interesting items. We are happy to help with these projects. In fact, we can offer creative solutions for all kinds of needs. This is one of the things that make us the top name for vacuum forming South West England can offer.

While vacuum forming is very dynamic, there are a number of things to keep in mind regarding the designs. The following tips should help you.

Draft angles

Vacuum forming South WestThe most important thing to remember is that you need to be able to remove products from the tooling after forming. If this is very tricky it could damage the product or the tool itself. So, what you must do is ensure you design the item with suitable draft angles. You need to make sure the angle is right here, reflecting whether you are using male or female moulds.

You need to be extra careful if you are creating trays or products with pockets in them. Here you need to include draft angles on all sides of each pocket. This will ensure the product is easy to remove from the tooling.


It is really important to carefully calculate how deep trays or pockets will be. If it is too excessive, it can cause the plastic to stretch too far over the tooling. As a result, it can end with a product that has thinner, weaker walls. In some cases it could ruin it entirely.


There may be some cases when you want to design a product that has an undercut. However, this can cause some issues with vacuum forming. The issue is you may not be able to easily remove the final product from the tooling. However, there are some solutions. One is to use a split tool with a part that you can remove first before removing the product.

Vacuum forming in the South West

Our goal at Plastics By Design is to ensure we deliver the best products every time. Clients from all kinds of industries come to us looking for help. We offer design advice and do everything we can to deliver the items they need. This can even include prototyping and product development.

So, if you need vacuum forming, South West England has no better expert to work with. Get in touch today and you can learn more.