What is webbing and how to prevent it

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Why Webbing Is An Issue

The material you use to form products can suffer from something called webbing. This is when unwanted wrinkles appear in your mould when you apply the vacuum. The plastic can stretch in a manner that you did not plan. This occurs if you do not control the flow of the sheet as the tool is raised.

You can picture draping a cloth over the tool to identify potential problems. Where it folds and pleats is where possible wrinkles and problems might occur.

Ways To Avoid It

You should set the machine so that the compression speed is not too high and slowly introduce the vacuum. Also, make sure that the material does not cool too fast. Sometimes webbing will occur between parts of a male tool. If this is the case, try a female one.

You can use angled blocks placed around the corners which will help use the excess material. You can also try using a smaller sheet size. This will mean that the tool stretches the material more. Another way to use up excess material is to increase the tool height and add a 45 degree apron to the base.

To help stop sheet movement when you raise the tool, something which can cause problems, use wires or steel blades fixed to the clamping frame. In addition, you can attach a frame to the plug assist to force the material down more.

Pressure Forming

You should also make sure that when you have products that need to be made through thermoforming, you use a professional company. Plastics By Design offers the expert vacuum and pressure forming South West England can count on. Allow us to help you and contact us. We are happy to discuss your specifications and how we can work to meet them.