Why thermoforming is so useful

Many people love returning to us when it comes to the products they need. This is because we work to provide first class pressure and vacuum forming South West clients trust. We are flexible in our process, helping you to achieve what you need from us.

Thermoforming – Why people use it

Despite the low tooling costs and high speeds of production in thermoforming, you never have to let the quality drop. You can have precision alongside flexibility in design choices. There is also a selection of various materials. This will depend on the intended use of your product, but the most common choices are:

– PP
– Polycarbonate

You can also get a range of finishes. If you are looking for custom plastic products, this is the method you should be using to get them. It doesn’t matter if you need thin sheet packaging or thick wall complex components, we can help you get these in the numbers you require.

Our Skills

Through our dedication to be the best, we can give you cost effective solutions for your requirements. We always keep customer satisfaction in mind while we care for both you and your products.

There are common problems people face during thermoforming. Our experience and specialist knowledge enables us to overcome these. We will use the right mould for the job and stop webbing from occurring.

Plastics By Design is home to the highest quality pressure and vacuum forming South West could ask for. We are with you from the first design to the finished product. Our comprehensive services include project management so we ensure the whole process is smooth. We also use a tailored approach for your situation including offering advice.

Every time you work with us the results you receive will have been achieved using the highest standards of work and attention to detail. Get in touch today to find out more.